Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Was in a Fashion Show!

{Hair and styling by me; makeup by Ulta}

This past week I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend "Style School" at Fashion Camp OC in Irvine. I met friends who share a love for fashion, got a taste of the industry, and even a possible internship at their store! I styled 2 looks for the fashion show, that I also got to model.

The first look consists of a black t-shirt that we decorated according to a theme that we chose, mine was 90s-inspired. We then had to go to Claire's and pull accessories to match that theme. I chose a rainbow daisy headband, ying and yang bracelets, and a peace sign choker. I styled the look with my Forever 21 daisy shorts and my beloved Vans.

The second look was pulled from a boutique named Jasper Plum. I wore an over sized caramel sweater and a tight plaid skirt. (Which I could hardly move my legs in!!) I styled that look with my thrifted Michael Kors Wedges and a blue necklace, which I wasn't able to put on due to lack of time!

I was a crazy-fun experience that went by so fast! I would gladly do it all over again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rebel Princess

I was feeling a bit rebellious in my get-up the other day. I like how the dress, the red violet pout, and the ballet flats are cute and girly. On the other hand, The clashing prints, the lace, and the jewelry (which you can barely see in these photos) bring more of a Gothic, "rebellious" element to the look.

~Do you like to mix and match different styles of clothing to create an interesting look?~

Outfit Details: Dress: Heavenly Couture, Ballet flats: Target, Rings and Earrings: F21, Cardigan: old

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gettin' Older, Young at Heart

In just over two months I will turn 16, and I am completely ready for it. My birthday is in October of 1998, but I am a junior in high school, so I am one of the youngest. Most of my peers and friends are older than me, but I have always felt more mature than them. (Even though I've been told countless times that I look so young.)

After I finished preschool, my parents decided to ship me off to kindergarten straight away. I was constantly being challenged and pushed to my limits. I have usually succeeded beyond average in academics, but socially, I lagged behind. That is somewhat true today since I consider myself to have "social anxiety." 

Despite my yearning to be the same age as my peers for once, I am still young at heart. I believe that you can be mature but have fun at the same time. 

In the comments below, write about a time that despite your age, you went against the odds!

Outfit Details: Dress: TJ Maxx or Marshall's, Shoes: thrifted, Necklace: old