Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NEW SERIES! Fashion Forward

Hello everyone, it’s Courtney! If you haven’t heard, Google Reader is shutting down, so keep up with my blog on Bloglovin’!
   Today I wanted to start a series of some sort, reoccurring, well, whenever I spot something! (I’ll explain in a bit!) It will be called “Fashion Forward.”
   If you didn’t know already, trend forecasting, or trend analyzing is a HUGE part of the fashion industry. Of course, there will always be classic colors, silhouettes & prints that repeat themselves, but there are plenty of new trends & fads to be explored! What is trend forecasting you might ask? It’s exactly what it sounds- guessing what will be “in style” this season, the next season, and the next season, and so on.

   My goals for this series include:

  • Predicting the trends for next season
  • Informing readers about various upcoming trends
  • Sharing my opinions & ideas on upcoming trends

Leave any questions or suggestions you may have in the comments below!
Here is a sneak peek of my first installment of this series!

Guess this trend!

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