Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion Forward : DENIM

The trend in the spotlight this week is... DENIM. 
I know, I know, denim will be "in style" forever, but people have been going ALL OUT this year.
This 'trend' is as classic as black + white, which I talked about last time.
Wow, I am not very good at this :)

I have a couple theories about this trend, one is that dungarees, or overalls are in style; which are mostly made of denim.
Second, colored denim has become so popular, for all genders, that commercial designers just slap it on everything. Denim is so comfortable and easy, so why not push it even further?

"Material" proof from the Fall/Winter 2013 runways.
The following snapshots do not belong to me.

Junya Watanabe // source
Phillip Lim // source
(I love the 90's grunge references)
John le Carré // source

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