Saturday, November 9, 2013

Style Icon: Hayley Williams

Another new installment!
It could be a actress, musician, relative... anyone's style who inspires me!
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Is the lead singer of Paramore,
A strong, independent woman,
And has an amazing style.

(Pictures featured in this post do not belong to me)

I love this 60s hair & pink moto vest & classic pose.

She looks like she's picking a wedgie... but she's totally owning it.
She is the only one who can pull off this hair. And on top of that: she is wearing plaid pants, a comic print mini and a sequin jacket for NYLON. Just admit she's fantastic already. 

A classic denim jacket.

Some stills from Paramore's music video, "Playing God."
I like her outfits the best in "Playing God" out of all of Paramore's music videos.

She is so beautiful. I believe Hayley is rocking a sweetheart neckline dress with a lace yoke and mesh sleeves. And that perfect winged eyeliner<3333

Polka dots & stripes & blue cat eyes.

...and some more stripes!

And to finish it off, Hayley's look from the "Still Into You" music video by Paramore.

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