Saturday, April 19, 2014



of or approaching the color lilac.


Hi all!
I hope you've been doing well lately. I was able to get some cleaning done today! 
Some of you may be like wait... what? 
I get excited about cleaning & organizing sometimes... (sometimes, not all the time.)
There is something so satisfying about living a clean and organized life. It doesn't always work out like that, but when it does, it feels so good! A clean lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. 
However, sometimes a mess inspires creativity, or maybe your idea of "messy" is completely different from  mine! It's all about how you do you. 
Don't try to clean when guests come over because you feel obligated, but because you want to show off your living space at its best! 

Anyway, enough of this home-economics 101, let's talk about my fabulous shoes!
I bought some white wedges at Payless on sale for only $19.99! (Say that in a fancy salesperson voice) and simply painted them with acrylic paint! Leave a comment below and subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want to see a tutorial on how to paint them!

Outfit Details: Top: second-hand (Banana Republic "Mad Men" collection), Jeans: Tilly's, Wedges: Painted Payless Shoes, Necklace: Cookie Lee


  1. Oh my goodness; I LOVE the color that you chose to paint your shoes!!! :D

    1. Thanks! I really wanted shoes this color but I only saw them online! The paint has started chipping- but that's alright! Check back to see a tutorial on how to paint them :)