Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holding On

 I wore this outfit last week when it was actually cold outside. I was pretty excited to break out my Forever 21 coat and my 'newly thrifted' sweater.

It's too bad, we're expecting a few more days of 80 degree summer weather down the road.
I feel as if the Californian summer to fall transition is dragging on. Even though it is nearly winter, there is a sense of hesitation in the air. The last summer blooms are hanging onto their stems, deciduous trees don't want to drop their colorful leaves just yet, and the slightest morning frost instantly melts into glistening dew drops under the glow of the sun.

That was my failed attempt to be a poetic, misunderstood teenager, sorry.

Coat :: Forever 21
Skinny Jeans (rolled up) :: Nordstrom
Combat Boots :: DSW
Sweater :: Goodwill (tag says J.Crew)
Pashmina scarf :: Gifted
Earrings :: Gifted (From 'Something Silver' in Dow town Disney I believe)

More pictures from this shoot coming soon!


  1. Love the outfit - the sweater looks amazingly cozy!

    x greta
    Flourish Blog

    1. Thank you very much. The sweater was actually 100% cotton~ kind of rare in the US!