Monday, December 2, 2013

Style Icon: Stacy London

This is going to sound very strange/creepy/extraordinary, however, I remember Stacy London being in one of my dreams last night.

So... in my dream, I met Stacy & we were best friends! Well, kind of.
I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do another Style Icon post!
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Is a pro stylist & fashion consultant,
Co-host of TLC's What Not To Wear,
Author, editor, co-founder of Style for Hire,
And one of my biggest inspirations not only in the fashion world but also among women.

(Pictures featured in this post do not belong to me)

I love how animated Stacy is! She's not afraid get excited and be a little quirky! She looks smokin' in this red dress. The matching lipstick surprisingly works on her!

Here is the unbeatable duo of Stacy London with Clinton Kelly, the other co-host of WNTW. (a.k.a. my fave TV show) I love the edgy-meets-feminine look Stacy is sporting here. The silhouette and bodice is feminine, but the color palette & print is more edgy. I have mixed feelings about that wallpaper though.

I had to include this picture because my mom almost bought this exact dress at Ann Taylor. Crazy, right? I like how the dress is paired with a hot pink belt- it is instantly transformed. And that mega-watt smile :D

Love this retro-inspired dress with collar detail. Black & white makes for a timeless style.

Again, classic black & white, but this time paired with a statement necklace, watch and maroon blazer.

I like to think that Stacy London is one of those people who can pull off any color. She's so gorgeous!

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