Monday, January 19, 2015

New Kid on the Block

Today's thoughts:

My hair looks good today.
I'm proud that all of my recent outfit posts were taken in different backgrounds.
I'm stressed for my final exams next week.
I'm too scared to ask anyone to the Sadie Hawkins dance at school.
I have to visit colleges and get my driver's license, and that's scary because I don't want to be an adult with responsibilities. 

I hope that everyone's year is off to a great start! 

Outfit Details: Jeans: Styles for Less, Shirt: The Fashion Q, Cardi: Old Navy, Shoes: ASOS, Sunglasses: gifted


  1. Hey girl! A fellow blogger nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award and I'm nominating you! :) Please don't feel pressured you post or answer the questions (I know how that can be!), just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. :)

    1. Beth, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! I've heard of the award! It means SO MUCH that you nominated me & I will definitely check out your blog when I get a chance! Much love <3