Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Celebrations & 2013 Recap

Happy 2014!

I hope everyone learned a lot from this past year.
I sure had fun experimenting with my style! At first, it felt like I was dressing for the blog, but soon I was dressing for me!
I started this blog December of 2012 to document my personal style. It isn't as widely read as I'd like it to be, but I created it originally for me anyways.

Let's recap 2013, shall we?

January: I put all of my obsessions in this post; most of which are the same today!
February: An over-edited OOTD for Valentine's Day. I discovered Picasa (3)!
March: Looking back, this post was sort of weird, but I love the outfit.
April: Still exciting to think about: I guest posted at The Pineneedle Collective!
May: This was about the time I started wearing skirts & dresses more often.
June: I layered a Sears' top over a dress I got from a friend- how inventive, Courtney!
July: I made my black circle skirt then- anyone who's read my blog is familiar with it!
August: I had fun visiting FIDM OC for a Sewing Workshop where I made that denim skirt!
September: My favorite OOTD~ simple, chic, and timeless.
October: Transitioning into autumn, knee-deep in homework.
November: We got a taste of cooler weather! (And a different background, haha.)
December: A sunny Californian Christmas! I loved showing off my vintage reindeer pin.

Who's ready for another year of style? Pretty please leave any suggestions or comments about the existing/upcoming content on this blog!

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