Thursday, May 1, 2014

12 Items, 12 Outfits: Spring Edition

Hello, hope your day has been lovely!

Today I am bringing you a special post about how you can take 12 items to create 12 different outfits! 
I have taken much inspiration from Annika at the Pineneedle Collective and also the Delightfully Tacky Blog, for they often post "remixes" showing you how to style clothing in various ways! 

Here's how I'm approaching it:
*I selected 12 items of clothing that I will attempt to style to form 12 outfits.
*I am opting to add various accessories besides shoes to help complete the outfit that are not included in the main 12 items (i.e. purses, belts, scarfs, jewelry, etc.)
links to the items or similar items: a . b . c . d . e . f . g . h . i . j . k . l .

Outfit #1
d, e, l ... This is the look that I wore on Easter! It has a cutesy-vintage vibe.

Outfit #2
a, g, k ... This look would be even cuter with some black tights underneath the shorts!

Outfit #3
c, f, l ... This is one of my favorites! Try a collared button-up under a dress for a completely different look! 

Outfit #4
b, g, j ... This is a nice look for a cool spring day! I accessorized with a pendant necklace. 

Outfit #5
b, c, h, k ... Pair your button-up with a sweater and shorts for a classic, preppy pairing.

Outfit #6
k, i, d ... I styled a dressy-casual outfit here perfect for a shopping trip or a party!

Outfit #7
c, e, l ... I personally love this outfit! Here I just tied the button-up over my dress to change things up.

Outfit #8
c, h, j... Just another preppy look! I tucked my button-up into my stripey shorts.

Outfit #9
b, i, j... I tucked a sweater in this floral skirt and paired it with a long pendant necklace.

Outfit #10
a, j, g... This look doesn't exactly "match," but the pieces work somehow! I added a vintage purse to accessorize. The result is a casual day-to-night look.

Outfit #11
f, j ... A paired this vintage floral scarf with my gray dress for a classy look. 

Outfit #12
f, l... I paired a basic belt from Forever 21 with some bracelets and my wedges for an urban-chic outfit. 

It's very cool how you can 'remix' your clothes to expand your wardrobe! Being an aspiring stylist, I found this to be good practice!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed!