Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blogger Interview // Taylor Balding

Today I'm excited to bring to you a little interview I conducted with blogger Taylor Balding of Restless Youth. She is a 19-year old style blogger and college student whose style can best be described as bold and classic. The photos on her blog range from ethereal to grunge-y to modern and I was very enthusiastic to ask her a few questions. 

Courtney: Hi again, I’m so glad that you agreed to do this little interview! First Question:
Why did you create your blog? 

Taylor: Around my Junior or Senior year of high school I started to really get into fashion blog that featured girls sharing their personal style. It was something I spent a lot of time consumed by, and I think something just clicked that made me think, "Hey, I can do this too!" I'm sure there were more reasons at the time, but I remember I just wanted something that was my own "thing", where I really didn't have rules and could express myself anyway I pleased. 

Courtney: What is your definition of a “restless youth?”

Taylor: Originally when I chose restless youth it was describing youth subculture movements, which ranges between the flappers of the 20s to the mods of the 60s to the punks of the 70s and 80s, and so on. Any type of "anti" fashion movement is a huge fashion influence on me. But lately I believe restless youth means so much more than that to me. It's not wanting to blend in and follow societies standards, but to stand out as your own individual with your own voice. 

Courtney: Where do you find inspiration?

Taylor: Like I said, past subcultural movements are huge to be. Other than that my inspiration comes from a wide variety of things- from famous fashion icons to movie characters to street style.  

Courtney: I love the pictures on your blog. What goes through your mind when you are styling outfits/choosing a shooting location?

Taylor: In terms of styling my outfits, there really isn't much that goes through my mind. It all depends on my mood that day and what I'm currently into. That being said I don't shoot every outfit I wear, so if I feel like my outfit is more trendy or "blog-worthy", and if I have free time, I take pictures. In terms of location I just try to think of what would be a good canvas and what will not only go with my outfit but also make it pop. I usually try to find cool walls or places with good vegetation. I often find that I don't really like "pretty" spots, but prefer more run down and rustic looking areas. 

Courtney: What kinds of career do you want to pursue? / Thoughts on the fashion industry? 

Taylor: My dream job would be to be a print stylist for either a magazine or a clothing company. I love fashion, and I believe that people choose to focus on the "bad" of the industry rather than the good. The truth is we are all influenced by it to some point (whether or not you want to admit it) and as long as humans are wearing clothes it’s not going anywhere. However I think there is a lot of bad in the industry. Overall it's a pretty cold industry, and often times the portrayal of women is very dangerous and damaging. However I think this is something that can easily be changed as long as we get a few powerful people who would be bold enough to push for this change. 

Courtney: Who are your role models?

Taylor: The weird thing for me is I don't really have any "role models". I often have style icons, but that always changes. A year ago the style of Edie Sedgwick was very influential for me, but now not so much. I'm mainly just influenced by people around me and anyone who is not afraid to be themselves. 

Courtney: What kinds of music do you like? Do you think that is reflected in your personal style?

Taylor: Oh gosh, all kinds! I mainly listen to a lot of surf rock, punk, and bands that are local to me. I like a lot of folky stuff as well, and mellow bands such as Beach House. I also love old stuff, such as Joy Division and The Velvet Underground.Jazz music also has a special place in my heart. But yes, it has a huge impact on my style! You can often tell what kind of music I've been listening to based off of what I'm wearing. Not only that, but I'm constantly inspired by style I see going to concerts. Places like that are where you can see some of the most innovative styles. 

That's it for now! Again, you can find Taylor at her blog,, I really suggest that you check it out! Thank you for reading as always <3

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