Friday, May 9, 2014

Juxtaposed Skies

Softer than skies,
Sweeter than summer.
Dreamy at dawn,
The clouds have cleared.
The efflorescence of flowers,
their scent filling the air.
An iridescent dew droplet fades.

Besides me being a hot mess right now, I hope all you are doing well!

I was playing around with Picasa 3 again after a stressful day. (I had two big tests today and my first AP Test is next Wednesday, May 14th.) I have also been super angsty and my emotions are like a rollercoaster. The result of my creativity and teen angst are the above photos. I am quite proud of them. In the first two photos you can see me eating an ice cream cone!! It is a mini chocolate cone from Trader Joe's and they are really good. [not a sponsored post] 

This is a really artsy post, for I also wrote the poem that is featured above. I forgot how one can express their thoughts and feelings so beautifully through poetry. How do you express your creative side?

Outfit Details: Dress: Heavenly Boutique, Cardigan: Kohl's, Shoes: Vans (old), Daisy earrings: Target