Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring 2013 trend: Retro mod

Let's talk about the Spring- Summer 2013 runway! I don't keep good track of fashion week but I still see the fashion ads for big brands in Teen Vogue & Seventeen Magazine. 
I really connected with Louis Vuitton's collection because I was sketching a mod checkerboard dress before the ad was even released! I felt like a trend- forecaster!

I love the 60's vibe and simple color palette. You can watch the ACTUAL runway here!

(Above images DO NOT belong to me nor do I own the rights to the above images)

Here are my nails inspired by their line! Have a great day and Spring Break!


  1. Oh no you didn't... those nails are so awesome!!! I wish I had the patience to replicate those, they're so cute! I love all the retro mod at LV this year, curious to see how it's going to carry over to mainstream, you know?

    xx Missy

    1. Thanks Missy! I might post a nail tutorial on my YouTube channel (linked above) if you're interested!

      Stay stylish ~